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GDPR & Data Protection Officer Service

GDPR compliance is set to become a core part of school's business needs in 2018.  With this new regulation comes a change of thinking around existing Data Protection practices and procedures, along with new responsibilities, training and time pressures.  We can help!

Our DPO Service

From March 2018 we are offering a Data Protection Officer service to schools that includes:

  • Provide school with a named Data Protection Officer (DPO) on a 12 month contract.
  • This person (alongside colleagues) will carry out an Audit of current practice, documentation, systems and policy at the school as to establish where school is currently up to in regards to GDPR compliance, and from this draw up an action plan to address any issues identified.
  • They will work with the school to develop policies and statutory documentation where they don't currently exist.
  • Following this initial setup, the assigned DPO will visit school on a termly basis in order to update practices, policies and audit actions that have been taken – ensuring that compliance with GDPR is ongoing (which is key to compliance).
  • They will provide detailed reporting to the school's governing body in order to present independent feedback on GDPR compliance (as is recommended practice).
  • Ongoing advice and support for GDPR questions and queries would be available remotely (through our helpdesk and e-mail), with telephone follow up where appropriate.
  • Ongoing policy and documentation update and development would be provided as GDPR issues develop over time.
  • Some staff training would also be provided.
  • GDPR Management software is also bundled. 

GDPR Support and Guidance

As well as our comprehensive DPO Service, we do offer bespoke GDPR support and guidance.  Schools can 'cherry pick' from parts of the DPO service, or setup bespoke training and consultations to match their specific needs.  Contact us today to discuss how we can best support your need. 

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